Sourdough: traditional bread, or bread of the future?

Sourdough, if marketed and baked correctly, can really claim a significant chunk of the bread market. Here’s why:

Consumer research* reveals that sourdough could easily reclaim a significant chunk of the bread market – if marketed effectively and baked correctly. Sourdough could have a major role to play in the future of bread and baking! The key future indicators for success are all there. Sourdough breads are an opportunity waiting to happen, as evidenced by the Baked Goods triangle: tasty, fresh and healthy. Most consumers expect their baked goods to meet at least two of these criteria… but ideally, they’d prefer all three. Who wouldn’t?


Nothing smells better than fresh-baked bread, still warm from the oven… When it comes to freshness, smell is key. The strong, delicious aroma characteristic of sourdough bread is widely appreciated by consumers, as the TasteTomorrow survey confirmed. And when it comes to a crunchy, few breads can beat a good sourdough crust.


All natural. No preservatives. No additives. No GMOs. Healthy foods are a high priority these days, and it’s not just about nutritional value anymore. Many sourdoughs meet all the criteria for healthy foods, so these baked goods cater easily to more demanding consumers.

The TasteTomorrow survey shows that consumers appreciate breads, pastries and patisserie made with natural, unprocessed ingredients: dried fruits, nuts, vegetables, whole grains and so on. As a traditional bread representing 5000+ years of heritage, sourdough is an original staple based on all-natural ingredients. A match made in heaven!


Health is a major consideration, but consumers are unwilling to compromise on taste. Ideally, consumers want their bread to contain ‘power ingredients’ with a balanced Taste-to-Health ratio. The TasteTomorrow survey revealed that consumers consider bread healthier if it contains more whole grains and dietary fibre. Sourdoughs are generally very high in both fibre and flavour, so these breads are a great choice for health-conscious consumers who have high standards for taste.

Positioned perfectly in the Baked Goods triangle, sourdough breads also tell a powerful story; each one is different and unique. In an era when consumers are looking for the truth in food, nothing is more authentic or honest than sourdough.

* The TasteTomorrow consumer insights are based on both qualitative and quantitative market research. More than 100 qualitative interviews were conducted in 7 trend-setting cities around the world (San Francisco, Sao Paolo, Paris, Istanbul, Moscow, Shanghai and Tokyo). In addition, over 11,000 consumers from 25 countries answered questions in an online survey.