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Northwest Sourdough

Since 2004

Twelve years ago, my daughter tried to bake a loaf of real sourdough bread. After trying for a while she gave up and challenged me to try, "No one can bake real sourdough bread, mom, not even you. " That was the beginning of my sourdough journey.


Northwest sourdough has been distributed around the world through It is a vigorous starter that proofs in about six hours. It has a bit of a lemony tang to it . Northwest sourdough is kept at room temperature and fed once or twice a day depending upon usage and temperature.

Taste & flavour

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Starting ingredients

  • 50g Flour
  • 50g Water
  • 80g All purpose flour
  • 80g Water
  • 40g Starter

Feeding ingredients

  • 40g Starter
  • 80g Water
  • 80g Ap
For general maintenance, I pour out most of the starter, leaving about 30 - 50 grams and then feed at 100% hydration. I will feed anywhere from 60 - 100 grams each of all purpose flour and water. If I am preparing to bake, I feed the amount necessary for the bake and to have some left over for re-feeding.
40g Starter
After you pour out all but 40 grams of the old starter, add 80 grams water.
80g Water
Then add 80 grams of flour. Mix all ingredients together and let it ferment for at least 6 hours before using. This is just for maintaining your starter. If you need more starter for your formula, then save more of the starter and add more flour and water to feed it.
80g Ap

Working method

Combine 50 grams all purpose flour and 50 grams of water (you can substitute part juice for the acidity to jumpstart the process) in a covered container (you can cover it loosely to begin with). Let the container set at room temperature until you notice bubbling, which means fermentation has started.
50g Flour 50g Water
Once the starter is bubbling, pour out half of it and feed it again with 50 grams of water and 50 grams of starter every ten to twelve hours.
If you notice the starter is sluggish, add more flour and water at feeding time. Pour out most of the starter and then add 80 grams of water and 80 grams of flour.
80g All purpose flour 80g Water 40g Starter
To maintain the starter, continue to discard most of the starter use the above low amounts of food to feed with. For using to make a formula, add the requisite amount of water and flour to make your dough to the starter with a bit extra so you can have some starter left over after you use it.


Sourdough Baked Goods

A variety of many types of sourdough baked goods have been made using Northwest Sourdough, many of them published.
Northwest Sourdough Sourdough Baked Goods first overview
Northwest Sourdough Sourdough Baked Goods second overview
Northwest Sourdough Sourdough Baked Goods first slice
Northwest Sourdough Sourdough Baked Goods second slice

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Thank you for allowing me to add my sourdough starter to your online library. This has been fun!