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Amanda is created for an experiment we are conducting in collaboration with Prof. Rob Dunn and Prof. Anne Madden from the university of North Carolina. 19 bakers in 16 countries received the same flour and protocol to create a new sourdough.These sourdoughs will be analyzed on the different micro-organisms.Also the bakers hands and saliva. Comparisons will show the relationship.


Amanda has a creamy brown colour. She doubles in size after a couple of hours and is very active. Important notice, when you are creating the starter for the first time, do not worry that the smell is bad after 2 to 3 days. That's the battle going on between the yeasts and the Lactic acid bateria. Just keep feeding. Everything will be alright.


Amanda top shot
Amanda jar shot
Amanda front shot
Amanda rising shot


Ingredientes de partida

ingredientes de alimentación

Keep the starter in the fridge when you are not using him. Feed once a week with flour and water to keep the applesauce consistency. (100 g flour 80g water)

método de trabajo

Amanda is a 50:50 sourdough. The consistency is like apple sauce.
Create a 1:1, or 50% hydration, starter. Measure 100 g of flour into the jar. Add 100 g of un-chlorinated water (filtered tap water or tap water left open overnight to off-gas is fine). Mix completely in the jar until the flour is completely incorporated. Your goal is to make a flour water mixture that is about the consistency of thick applesauce or very wet toothpaste. Keep at 20-35°C, covered
Day 2: Feed the flour/water mixture using the following protocol: Add 100g of flour, 80 g water. May need to add more water to get applesauce consistency. Cover and place back at ~room temperature.
Day 3-10. Feed (repeat day 2 protocol). Repeat until bubbles and doubles in size in between feedings. This may take three days, or up to ~10 days. After day 4 you can discard or compost 1/2 of the sourdough before feeding.


Amanda  first overview
Amanda  second overview
Amanda  first slice
Amanda  second slice

Preserva tu masa madre para el futuro

Añade tu masa madre Explora la biblioteca


As a matter of fact Amanda has been used to create Vitus. a starter that has been traveled too many ppl in different countries. Vitus became the hero of the book "Sourdough, four days to Happiness" written by Martine Goernemann. Available on
Vitus is sourdough number 101 in the sourdough Library.